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Department of Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields

Head of the dept.: Kholodov Roman I.

Science Degree: PhD

Academic Degree: Senior research assistant, Associate professor


Work phone: +30542221367


Attitude Name Science Degree Academic Degree e-mail Work phone
Principal reasearch assistant Chepurnyh Gennadiy K. Dr Sci Prof.
Principal reasearch assistant Kulmenеev Oleksandr I. Dr Sci Senior research assistant
Principal reasearch assistant Kholodov Roman I. PhD Senior research assistant, Associate professor +30542221367
Senjor reasearch assistant Denisenko Oleg I. PhD
Senjor reasearch assistant Novak Oleksandr P, PhD Senior research assistant
Senjor reasearch assistant Koropov Oleksandr Volodumurovuch PhD Associate professor
Senjor reasearch assistant Voroshilo Alexey I. PhD Senior research assistant +80542224608
Reasearch assistant Padusenko Olena A. PhD +380542224501
Reasearch assistant Nedoreshta Vytaliy N. PhD +380542224501
Reasearch assistant Tulakova N.O. PhD
Reasearch assistant Starodub Stanislav S, PhD
Reasearch assistant Diachenko Mykhailo М. PhD
Junior reasearch assistant Khelemelia Oleksii
Junior reasearch assistant Lebedynskyi Serhii