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Voroshilo Alexey I.

Position: Senjor reasearch assistant; Academic secretary; Academic secretary; Head of the dept.; Scientific Secretary of Academic Council; Member of specialized Board of Studies on theses defence;
Senior research assistant

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Work phone:  +80542224608

Personal information


Place and date of birth Terny, Sumy region, 1972
Residence Ukraine
Marital status   Married
Affiliation Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Address 58 Petropavlovskaya St., 40000 Sumy, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (542) 222-794
Fax: +380 (542) 223-760
E-mail: voroshilo@ipfcentr.sumy.ua, al-war@ukr.net
Education 1990-1995 Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine), speciality -  Physical electronics;
Academic degrees
  • 1999 PhD
  • 2004 academic status of senior research assistant
Career / Employment
  • 1995 engineer, Institute of Applied Physics, NAS of Ukraine,Sumy, Ukraine;
  • 1995-1996 post-graduate student, Institute of Applied Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Sumy, Ukraine;
  • 1996-1998 post-graduate student, Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine;
  • 1998-1999 assistance professor , Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine;
  • 1999 defence of a dissertation "Stimulated Bremsstrahlung and Spontaneous Emission of an Electron in Multifrequency field " by speciality  "physical electronics";
  • 1999-2001 senior lecturer;
  • 2002-2010 senior research assistant, Institute of Applied Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Sumy, Ukraine;
  • 2010- present Academic Sectretary of the Institute of Applied Physics, NAS of Ukraine, Sumy, Ukraine.
Area of Research - theoretical studying of the processes of particle interactions with intense laser field.
Hobby Science fiction,  Web Site Development at Zend Framework.

Стипендія Президії НАН України (2002), Стипендія Президента України (2006), Почесна грамота відділення ядерної фізики та енергетики НАН України (2013), Нагрудний знак - Пам’ятна відзнака НАН України (2018), Почесна грамота голови Сумської ОДА (2020),