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Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The Institute of Applied Physics (IAP), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine), was established in 1991 on the base of the Sumy branch of the Institute of Metallophysics to enlarge the fundamental and applied investigations in nuclear technology. IAP NAS of Ukraine is a part of the Department of Nuclear Physics and Power Engineering, NAS of Ukraine.

The main areas of research:

  • Study of ion, electrons and photons interractions with matter, including biological objects and fields.
  • Development of nuclear and physical research methods for structure and composition of materials and electrostatic accelerators.
  • Development of Equipment for Education and Research.


Unique experimental base of the IAP allows to launch cross-subject research and development in education, environmental science, medicine. Research development of nuclear medicine (including advanced high efficient nuclear methods of nuclear diagnosis and cardiovascular and oncological disease treatment), nuclear forensics, nuclear technologies for nanotechnologies.

The staff amounts to 216 persons. Investigations are performed by 129 researchers including 1 academician of NAS of Ukraine, 3 corresponding members of NAS of Ukraine, 10 Doctors of Science and 43 PhDs.

Acadamic staff is trained in a postgraduate study and a doctorate by the following specialities: 01.04.01 –physics of devices, elements and systems; 01.04.02 – theoretical physics; 01.04.16 – physics of particles, nuclei and high energies; 01.04.20 – physics of charged-particle beams; 03.00.02 – biophysics.

A specialized Board of Studies on theses defence works at the IAP by the following specialities: 01.04.02 – theoretical physics; 01.04.20 – physics of charged-particle beams.

In cooperation with Makarenko Sumy Pedagogical University the IAP has established an Institute of Applied Physics profile chair of advanced physical sciences for young skilled experts to be trained. The Interagency Board of Studies on Scientific Instrument Making chaired by academician V.Yu. Storizhko is working on the basis of the IAP.

The Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Ukrane is a part of science park of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.