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IAEA Conference
Regional Stakeholder Workshop on Nuclear Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation


Project Number & Title: RER/0/034 - Enhancing the Characterization, Preservation and Protection of Cultural Heritage Artefacts

Place (City, Country): Sumy, Ukraine

Dates: 9 - 11 October 2013

Deadline for Nominations: 19 July 2013

Organizers: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in collaboration with the Government of Ukraine through the Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)

Host Country Mr Oleksandr Buhay

Organizer: Institute of Applied Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)
58 Petropavlovskaya St
40000 Sumy
Tel: 00380542223760
Email: alex-bug3007@yandex.ru

Language: English

Purpose: The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and respective experiences on current and perspective uses of nuclear technology for Cultural Heritage characterization, dating and preservation, towards enhanced cross-stakeholder and cross-sectorial regional networking in participating Members States.

Expected Output(s): The expected outputs of the workshop are:

  • Increased knowledge on the advantages and limitations of Nuclear Technology for Cultural Heritage Preservation.
  • Enhanced cross-stakeholder and cross-sectorial networking at both national and regional level.
  • Achievements reviewed as per objectives of project RER/0/034 and remaining challenges/ emerging areas to be addressed identified.
  • Updated project work plan for the regional TC project proposed for the 2014-2015 cycle (if applicable).
  • Improved ability to formulate new proposals for the applications of nuclear analytical methods and preservation techniques in support of the cultural heritage community.
  • Workshop report produced for distribution to the project counterparts.

Scope and Nature: The workshop will consist of presentations and group discussions covering topics related to current and perspective uses of nuclear technology for Cultural Heritage characterization, dating and preservation in participating Members States.
Participants are kindly requested to submit individual country reports and prepare PowerPoint presentations for the workshop covering all activities related to the meeting topics, as per attached presentation guidelines. Emphasis shall be placed on the presentation and analysis of on-going and potential collaborations between representatives from the archaeology, museum conservation and art sectors and from the nuclear science applications sector. Aforesaid country reports may be attached to the nomination form or sent by email to the project Technical Officers: Mr Roman Padilla (R.Padilla@iaea.org), Mr Sunil Sabharwal (S.Sabharwal@iaea.org), Ms Agnes Safrany (A.Safrany@iaea.org) and Ms Aliz Simon (A.Simon@iaea.org), with a copy to the Programme Management Officer of the project, Ms Alessia Rodriguez y Baena (A.M.Rodriguez@iaea.org), by 6 September 2013.

Background Information: A previous TC project (RER/8/015 "Using Nuclear Techniques for the Characterization and Preservation of Cultural Heritage (CH) Artefacts in the European Region", 2009-2011) demonstrated that nuclear techniques are exceptionally suitable for non-destructive characterization of cultural heritage artefacts, in support of their conservation/restoration, as well as for their preservation through the use of radiation treatment. Based on such achievements, project RER/0/034 was designed to broaden access to nuclear techniques within the TCEU Region and extend their applicability range to cover new cultural heritage artefacts and materials. In particular, this workshop aims at facilitating the exchange of information, technical knowledge and resource mobilisation among specialists from across the region, thereby contributing to the establishment and sustainability of networks between national and regional stakeholders.

Participation: The workshop is open to 54 participants. Each Member State may nominate two participants, preferably one from the conservation sector and another from the nuclear science sector. The target countries are those actively involved in project RER/0/034: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Tajikistan, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Participants’ Qualifications: The participants should be specialists in chemistry, physics, or engineering, art curators, archaeologists or conservators, working in nuclear research institutions (including universities) or art/history related institutions. The candidates must be actively involved in projects related to the application of nuclear and related techniques for comprehensive characterization of CH objects, in support of preservation, conservation, classification, dating and other tasks. It is highly desirable that nominations include one candidate from each of the two categories: one from end-user institutions and one from nuclear applications institutions.

Nomination Procedure: Nominations for Meeting/Workshop should be submitted to the IAEA online through the Technical Cooperation Department’s InTouch system (http://intouch.iaea.org). Should this not be possible, nominations may be submitted on the standard IAEA Nomination Form for Workshop/Workshop and National Consultant (available on the IAEA website: http://www.iaea.org/). Completed forms should be endorsed by relevant national authorities and returned to the Agency through the official channels, i.e. the designated National Liaison Office for IAEA Matters. The completed nomination forms should be sent to the Programme Management Officer for this project, Ms Alessia Rodriguez y Baena, through IAEA Official Fax (+43-1-26007) or E-Mail (Official.Mail@iaea.org), not later than 19 July 2013. Nominations received after this date or which have not been routed through the established official channels cannot be considered.

Administrative and Financial Arrangements: Nominating Governments will be informed in due course of the names of the candidates who have been selected and will, at that time, be given full details of the procedures to be followed with regard to administrative and financial matters.
Selected participants from countries eligible to receive technical assistance will be provided with a round trip economy class air ticket from their home countries to Sumy, Ukraine, and a Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) at the prevailing UN Rate. Shipment of accumulated workshop materials to the participants' home countries is not the responsibility of the IAEA.
The organizers of the workshop do not accept liability for the payment of any cost or compensation that may arise from damage to or loss of personal property, or from illness, injury, disability or death of a participant while he/she is travelling to and from or attending the workshop, and it is clearly understood that each Government, in nominating participants, undertakes responsibility for such coverage. Governments would be well advised to take out insurance against these risks.

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On December 22, 2021, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine announced a competition to replace the director of the Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. According to the Statute of the NAS of Ukraine, the right to nominate candidates for the position of director of a scientific institution has: the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine, the Bureau of the relevant branch of the NAS of Ukraine, members of the NAS of Ukraine, the Academic Council of the institution. A candidate for the position of director of a state scientific institution must be fluent in the state language, have a doctorate or doctor of philosophy and work experience as a researcher and (or) research and teaching staff of at least 10 years.