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Joint center: Accelerator mass spectrometer Tandetron 1.0 MV модель 4110Bo-AMS, produced by HVEE, Netherlands

Accelerator mass spectrometer Tandetron 1.0 MV Model 4110Bo-AMS is a facility of new generation that allows one to obtain precise information on isotope content of samples of milligramm amd submilligramm masses.


Methods of accelerator mass-spectrometry (AMS) allow one to carry out quantitative determination of both radioactive and metastable isotopes (for example, 14С, 10Be, 129I ) with high absolute (10-12 or ppt) and relative sensitivity (10-14 – 10-15). Extremely high resolution while counting isotopes with AMS is much greater than corresponding parameters of the mass-spectrometers with traditional ion separation.

The main research directions for Tandetron 1.0 MV Model 4110Bo-AMS to be used are the following:

  • geophysical, biophysical and medicobiological studies
  • archeology (object dating)
  • radio-ecological studies (natural and technogenic samples from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and objects of the model experiments)
  • materials science (structural materials for nuclear power and radiation technologies, semi-conductors and ultra-pure materials, biomaterials).


Technical parameters of the facility

Sensitivity limits for typical isotope ratios (for example, 14С/12С) 3•10-15
Accuracy of measurements of the isotope ratios 13С/12С – <0,3% 14С/12С – <0,5% (statistically while one-hour counting)
Other isotopes that can be quantitatively determined without modification of the facility 3H, 10Be, 26Al; 129I (after little retuning of magnetic deflectors and register systems)
Number of samples in the sample holder 50
Time to change the samples 1 min approx., selection of the samples for analysis is done randomly and is controlled by the software
Ion source cesium ions (Cs+) are produced by thermal ionization, then accelerated and bombarding the graphite target form carbon ions С-, which form the beam leaving the source .
Accelerating voltage of the Tandetron ion accelerator 1000 кV

The main advantages

Traditional methods allow one to measure radioisotope concentrations using their radioactive decay and to register  β-particles emerging fom the sample.  Accelerator mass-spectrometry permits  direct counting of individual isotopes after their separation according to mass-to-charge ratio to be done. Sensitivity limits of isotope determination with Tandetron 1.0 MV Model 4110Bo-AMS are a few order of magnitude greater than while using secondary ion mass-spectrometry, neutron activation analysis and inductively coupled mass spectrometry.



Equipment of the joint center "Accelerator mass spectrometry",

IAP NAS of Ukraine


  • Accelerator mass spectrometer Tandetron Model 4130-AMS модель 4110Bo-AMS HVEE B.V. HVEE Europa B.V. (Netherlands).
  •  «DILO» facility ( Germany ) to storage, purification, drying.

According to the programme of a centralized buying of the foreign scientific instrumnets and equipment of NAS of Ukraine, the Institute of Applied Physics NAS  of Ukraine carried out a preparation and put into operation the accelerator mass-spectrometer Tandetron 1.0 MV Model 4110Bo-AMS HVEE B.V.

Start-up and commissioning of the 4110 Во-AMS included the following: testing and verification of parameters of all AMS units, trial measurements of Carbon isotope ratios using standard samples, adjustment and optimization of the ion-optical system, which allow metrological characteristics to be obtained.

Scheme of the accelerator mass spectrometer Tandetron 1.0 MV model 4110Bo-AMS HVEE B.V.

Facility parameters ( pasport and obtained )

Ratios Sensitivity ( in the brackets - experimentally obtained ) Error ( in the brackets - experimentally obtained )
14C/12C 3х10-15   (2.3х10-15 ) ≤ 0.5 %   (0.384 % )

Диск для фіксації твердофазових зразків з наступним аналізом на вмі ст 14С прискорювальним мас-спектрометром Tandetron 1.0 MV модель 4110Bo-AMS HVEE B.V.

The facility can determine not only light isotopes such as 10Be, 14C and 26Al, but also heavy elements such as 129I. Measurements of isotope ratios  14C/12C, 10Be/9Be, 26Al/27Al, and 129I/127I obtained using accelerator mass-spectrometer 4110Bo-AMS are given in the Table : Carbon 14C/12C 13C/12C

Element Isotope ratio Background for isotope ratio Accuracy
Graphite 14C/12C 3х10-15 (1х10-15) ≤0.5% (0.3%) при ~10-12
Gas CO2 13C/12C 1х10-14 (3х10-14) ≤0,3% (0,2%) при ~10-12
14C/12C ≤0,5% (0,3%) при ~10-12
13C/12C ≤0,3% (0,2%) при ~10-12
Berillium 10Be/9Be 3х10-14 (3х10-15) ≤3% (1%) при ~10-12
Aluminium 26Al/27Al 5х10-14 (1х10-15)* ≤3% (1.0%) при ~10-11
Iodine 129I/127I   (1х10-12) (5%) при ~10-10


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