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Department of nuclear and physical research


Head of the Dept. Academician of NAS of Ukraine Storizhko Volodymyr Yu. +38 (0542) 22-27-94, ipfmail@ipfcentr.sumy.ua


Group of atom and nuclear research (left to right): Buhay O.M., Kramchenkov A.B., Drozdenko M.O., Kravchenko S.M., Vnuchenko A.O., Denysenko V.L Peregudov O.M.


The main research areas are

  • Study of interaction of ions and MeV electrons with a substance.
  • Development of nuclear and physical methods of submicron resolution for material content and structure study.
  • Construction of electron appliances and experimental equipment for analytical facility.
    • Fundamental research

      • experimental study the atomic processes while interaction of accelerated ions with matter.
      • development of nuclear physical methods to investigate composition and structure of reactor materials. Study of evolution of point defects and vacancy clusters in the reactor materials exposed to ion irradiation and hydrogenization (in cooperation with Dept.№60).

      Development of experimental resources

      • Completion of the facility for investigation of radiation defects in the reactor materials with positron annihilation techniques.
      • Design and construction of experimental equipment to investigate influence of accelerated ion beams on biological objects (cells, model cell formations, biological molecules).
      • Construction of a quasi-monochromatic X-ray source based on electrostatic ion accelerator to study its influence on biological objects.

      Applied research

      • implementation of a nuclear forensics programme using nuclear physics methods (in cooperation with US National Laboratories and Dept.#50 of IAP NASU).
      • characterization of cultural heritage artefacts with nuclear physics methods (in the framework of IAEA project).
      • nuclear microanalytical study of metal melts used as a coolant.