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Department of nuclear and physical research

Head of the dept.: Storizhko Volodymyr Yu.

Science Degree: Dr Sci

Academic Degree: Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Prof., Honored Scientist of Ukraine


Work phone: +380542222794

Deputy head of the Dept.: Buhay Oleksandr M.

Science Degree: PhD



Attitude Name Science Degree Academic Degree e-mail Work phone
Chief reasearch assistant Storizhko Volodymyr Yu. Dr Sci Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Prof., Honored Scientist of Ukraine +380542222794
Junior reasearch assistant Biloshapka Ivan Oleksandrovuch
Principal engineer Marchenko A.M.
Laboratory of x-ray phase contrast tomography on the basis of compact accelerators
Head of the Lab. Lebed' Aleksandr A. PhD
Senjor reasearch assistant Denisenko Vitaliy L. PhD Associate professor
Senjor reasearch assistant Denisenko Oleg I. PhD
Reasearch assistant Kramchenkov Andriy B. PhD +380542332000
Reasearch assistant Nagornyy D. A. PhD +380542247623
Reasearch assistant Starodub Stanislav S, PhD
Reasearch assistant Dudnik A. B.
Reasearch assistant Tulyakova Nataliya О PhD
Junior reasearch assistant Zakharets M. I.
Junior reasearch assistant Krukla Sergey V.
Post-graduate student Artemov Anton V.
Sector of exploitation and modernization of electrostatic accelerators №32
Head of the Sec. Drozdenko Oleksandr O. PhD +380542332562
Principal engineer Kacero Valeriy Zaharovuch
Principal engineer Shulipa R.O.
Chief engineer of complex facility Phenda Volodumur M.
Engineer Marchenko Mukola Muhaylovuch
Chief engineer of the project Mariychuk Oleksandr Vasulyovnch
Sector - Center for the collective use of "Accelerated mass spectrometer"
Head of the Sec. Buhay Oleksandr M. PhD
Reasearch assistant Skripchenko A. N.
Junior reasearch assistant Bilyk B.M.
Junior reasearch assistant Boychenko O.V.
Junior reasearch assistant Bulat V.
Junior reasearch assistant Shelehov A.V.
Junior reasearch assistant Shulgenko Anatoliy V.
Junior reasearch assistant Gudakov A.A.
Engineer Moskalenko Volodymir B.
Post-graduate student Syniagovcka Y.
Laboratory of Physical methods of Ore Analysis
Head of the Lab. Valter Anton A. Dr Sci Associate professor
Principal reasearch assistant Kostetskij Vladimyr PhD Senior research assistant +380442396586
Senjor reasearch assistant Аndreev Oleksandr V. PhD
Junior reasearch assistant Penevchinski Vladyslav V.
Lab of Direct Accelerators and Ion Implantation and Modification of Nuclear Materials
Head of the Lab. Baturin Volodimyr A. PhD Senior research assistant +38042332250
Senjor reasearch assistant Nagorny Anatoliy G. PhD Senior research assistant +380542640953
Senjor reasearch assistant Lutvinov Petro O. PhD +380542640953
Reasearch assistant Eromin Sergiy O. PhD +380542333089
Junior reasearch assistant Pustovoytov Sergiy O. +380542333089
Junior reasearch assistant Karpenko Oleksandr Yu. +380542333089
Junior reasearch assistant Nagornij Vladymir A.
Junior reasearch assistant Roenko O.