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Lebedynskyi Serhii

Position: Reasearch assistant; голова ради молодих учених;


Personal information


Serhii Lebedynskyi

lebedynskyi.s@gmail.com - +38095 0064624

92 Sumska Street, Krasnopillya, Sumy region, Ukraine 42400


Laboratory assistant - November 2012 – June 2013

State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko.

Sumy, Ukraine

 Laboratory assistant at the Physics sub department in the laboratory of nuclear physics and in the laboratory of optics


·Constructing, maintaining and operating standard laboratory equipment.

·Keeping up to date with technical developments, especially those which can save time and improve reliability.

·Conducting searches on identified topics relevant to the research.

·Following and ensuring strict safety procedures and safety checks.

 Engineer – July 2013-October 2013

Engineer in Department of Charged Particle Beam Physics Institute of Applied Physics National Academy of Science of Ukraine.


· Performing laboratory tests in order to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific investigations.

·Recording and sometimes interpreting results to present to senior colleagues.

·Using computers and performing mathematical calculations for the preparation of graphs.


State Pedagogical University, Subject Name - September 2008 - June 2013.

Sumy, Ukraine

Master course at the Physics & Mathematics Dpt., State Pedagogical  University named after A.S.Makarenko, Sumy, Ukraine. Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Master's degree in Physics.

 Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics– February 2012

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Winter School on Programming 2012

 Institute of Applied Physics National Academy of Science of Ukraine – November 2013 – October 2016

Sumy, Ukraine

Postgraduate course of Charged Particle Beam Physics, Institute of Applied Physics National Academy of Science of Ukraine (NASU), Sumy, Ukraine. Supervisor: Dr Sci Myroshnichenko V. I.(2013-March 2015), Dr. Kholodov Roman I.(April 2015-now)

 The Trans-European School of High Energy Physics- July 17-July, 2014

Basivka, Lviv Region, Ukraine.

 9th International Acceleration School for Linear Colliders – October 26–November 6, 2015

Whistler, BC Canada

Completed the course on Physics and Technology of Modern Linear Electron-Positron Colliders, and has taken the final exam for the course.


English – advanced 

Ukrainian – native 

Russian – advanced 





1. Miroshnichenko V.I, Lebedynskyi S.O. Quantum-mechanical motion of an electron in parallel magnetic and electric fields // Reports of NAS of Ukraine. - 2014. - № 9. - P. 61-65.

2. Miroshnichenko V. I., Lebedynskyi S.O. Quantum-mechanical motion of an electron in crossed homogeneous electric and magnetic fields // Reports of NAS of Ukraine. - 2014. - № 11. - P. 72-76.

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4. Lebedynskyi S. O., Miroshnichenko V. I., Kholodov R. I., Baturin V. A.. The effect of a magnetic field on the motion of electrons for the field emission process description // Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. – 2015. – v. 98 – p. 62–66.

Почесна грамота Президії НАН України (2016), Стипендія Президії НАН України (2019),