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Laboratory of x-ray phase contrast tomography on the basis of compact accelerators

Head of the Lab.: Lebed' Aleksandr A.

Science Degree: PhD



Attitude Name Science Degree Academic Degree e-mail Work phone
Senjor reasearch assistant Denisenko Vitaliy L. PhD Associate professor
Senjor reasearch assistant Denisenko Oleg I. PhD
Reasearch assistant Kramchenkov Andriy B. PhD +380542332000
Reasearch assistant Nagornyy D. A. PhD +380542247623
Reasearch assistant Starodub Stanislav S, PhD
Reasearch assistant Dudnik A. B.
Reasearch assistant Tulyakova Nataliya О PhD
Junior reasearch assistant Zakharets M. I.
Junior reasearch assistant Krukla Sergey V.