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Ponomarev Alexander G.

Position: Head of the dept.; Member of Academic Council; Member of specialized Board of Studies on theses defence;
Dr Sci

Work phone:  +380542333018

Personal information

Aleksandr Ponomarev graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1979. At the Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Ukraine he worked as a leading engineer (1988-1992), head of the research group (1992-1996), chief engineer of the project (1996-1997), chief expert (1997), chief designer of the project (1998-1999), acting deputy director on scientific work (1999), acting director (1999), deputy director on scientific work (2000-2006), leading research worker (2006-2011). From 2011 he is the head of the laboratory of non-linear dynamics of ion beams.

Aleksandr Ponomarev is the author of more than 100 research works and study guides, more than 51 of  them are scientific articles, monographs and textbooks. He supervised 3 PhD works and one doctoral thesis.

Почесна грамота голови Сумської ОДА (2013), Почесна грамота Президії НАН України (2016), Інше (2012), Нагрудний знак - За наукові досягнення (2018),