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Kalinkevich Aleksei N.

Position: Senjor reasearch assistant; Member of Academic Council;


Personal information

Oleksii Kalinkevich was born in Leningrad, USSR in 1971. He graduated from the St.-Petersburg State Technical University in 1994 and got the speciality of engineer-physicist. He finished his post-graduate course in 2000, Institute of Applied Physics NAS of Ukraine.

Working experience: from 1994 to 1996 he worked as a laboratory assistant and engineer in the Sumy State University; from 1996 he works at the Institute of Applied Physics on the positions of engineer (1996-1997), post-graduate student (1997-2000), junior researcher of the biophysics and mass-spectrometry department (2000-2007), research fellow of the biophysics and mass-spectrometry department and department of radiation biophysics (2007 - present). He is the author and co-author of more than 40 scientific publications.

The main research areas are application of accelerator mass spectrometry in medicobiological and environmental investigations, study of biomolecules and their intermolecular connections with 'soft ionization' mass spectrometry, prodcution technologies of new composite biomaterials. PhD thesis is done and submitted for a defense. O. Kalinkevich regularly participates in home and international scientific conferences. Also, he supervises research work "Design and construction of equipment to get ion and X-ray microbeams using electrostatic accelerators and investigation of radiation damages of the cells under the hardon therapy", done as a result of joint project of NAS of Ukraine and STCU 2011-2012. He took active part in the development of the Conception of Nuclear Medicine Development in Ukraine for the period up to 2017.

Стипендія Президента України (2000), Подяка Президії НАН України (2013), Ювілейна почесна грамота (2018),