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Danilchenko Sergey N.

Position: Head of the dept.; Member of Academic Council;

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Personal information

Sergey Danylchenko was born in 1958, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

He has finished school in Komsomolsk, Poltava region, Ukraine. From 1976 to 1982 he studied in the Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute, Kharkiv, Ukraine, and qualified as engineer-physicist, speciality - physics of metals and semi-conductors. From 1985 to 1989 he took a post-graduate course at the  Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute, Kharkiv, Ukraine,  speciality - solid state physics.

PhD degree on the speciality - solid state physics, specialized Academic Senate of the Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine (2005).

Research interests

  • minerals of biological origin and their crystal chemical analogues
  • composition and crystal structure of the minerals of biological origin
  • ultrastructural organization and properties of minerals of biological origin
  • application of minerals of biological origin.

Work experience:

  • 1989 - junior research assistant of the Applied Physics Department of the Institute for Metal Physics, Sumy, Ukraine.
  • 1990-1997 - research worker of the department #31;
  • 1997 - 2005 - research worker of the department #20 ;
  • 2005 -2007 - senior research worker  of the department #20 ;
  • 2007- 2012 - deputy head of the department #20;
  • from 2012 to present head of the biophysics and mass-spectrometry department #20

Почесна грамота відділення ядерної фізики та енергетики НАН України (2014), Почесна грамота голови Сумської ОДА (2015), Почесна грамота Президії НАН України (2018), Подяка Президії НАН України (2018),