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Lab of Direct Accelerators and Ion Implantation and Modification of Nuclear Materials

Head of the Lab PhD, senior research assistant Baturin Volodymyr A. +38 (0542) 33-22-50, baturin@ipflab.sumy.ua


lab 11

Lab staff (left to right): Duvanov S.M., Pustovoitov S.O., Nahornyi A.H., Karpenko O,Yu., Lunika M.M., Baturin V.A., Shumylo V.P Yeriomin S.O., Lytvynov P.O., Nahornyi V.A., Golubovkii B.H., Shimko A.I.

The main research areas are

  • study of generation, formation and transportation of powerful positive and negative ion beams;
  • development of intensive gas and metal ion sources to be used in high-energy, medical and production-friendly ion accelerators as well as in radiation technologies;
  • simulation experiments on gas and metal ion beams in the energy range 20 ÷ 500 kеV;
  • study of interaction of intensive ion and electron beams with matter to modify near-surface layers by creation of protective and strengthening coatings for reactor materials;
  • synthesis of thin films and coatings using beam-plasma technologies.