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Department modeling of radiation effects and microstructural transformations in constructional materials


Head of the Dept. Dr Sci, Prof. Kharchenko Dmitrii O.
+38 (0542) 22-45-01 dikh@ipfcentr.sumy.ua




Department was organized in 01/03/2012 from the former Laboratory of Microstructure Research of Reactor Materials.

Head of the department is Dmitrii O.Kharchenko, Dr.Sci. in theoretical physics

Research areas

  • ab-initio molecular dynamics study of energy characteristics of zirconium alloys with different niobium content while hydrogenization at elevated temperatures
  • study of point, linear and planar crystal systems within the framework of phase-field-crystals approach and the rate theory allowing for the influence of density dynamics of vacancy and interstitial loops in materials exposed to constant irradiation in reactors and accelerators;
  • study of atomic ordering with phase-field-crystals approach in binary systems under irradiation influence;
  • study of dislocation ensemble behaviour within the 3-D modelling of real crystals using dislocation and phase-field-crystal theories;
  • study of microstructure transformation and ordering processes (precipitation and dissolution)in binary crystalline systems using Monte-Carlo and phase-field-crystal approaches;
  • Monte-Carlo simulation of surface microstructure transformations at redistribution of energy in the near-surface layers of metallic systems due to interaction with ion beams. Study of mutual influence of atomic and magnetic subsystems on the ordering processes in Fe-Ni alloys;
  • simulation of nanocluster formation at the material surface during epitaxial growth and condensation from gas phase in "plasma-condensate" systems. Development of the theory of surface morphology in the mentioned processes;
  • study of diffusion pore kinetics at the grain boundaries with vacancies produced by irradiation and Ostwald ripening of new phase with finite thickness at the grain boundaries;
  • study of influence of magnetoelastic ferromagnetic coupling on nuclear reactor strengthening and how magnetic subsystem influence on crowdion damping in the steel construction of nuclear reactors;